Friday, April 30, 2004

“Who knows what tomorrow will bring?”

Imagine what wonderful inventions and strategies for living are yet to be discovered. Like all ideas, the important visions for your life already exist, whether you have discovered them or not. You need to find a way to tap in to them.

Write down the dreams of your heart and imagination, get them down on paper. Record those positive mental pictures that come. Focus and reflect on them. Don’t count yourself out, dare to think big and expand your horizons.

You are the master of your won destiny.

From Meditations for Women


Thursday, April 29, 2004

I read this over at Bruderhof Communities and found it interesting enough to share it with you all. Have a great Thursday!

Being a Woman
Margrit Meier

What is the woman’s task in this world? Today, more and more emphasis is placed on the idea that the woman should make strenuous efforts to put herself on the same level as the man or even above him so that her being is complete. Struggle for power. Strife…

God’s creation—“and God saw that it was good.” Man alone. That was not good. So God sent the woman to be his helper…

Man the head, woman his helper: love in both. Man may be stronger, but he needs help. If he thinks he can make it without help, doesn’t he set the stage for the woman to compete for power? And woman fights for her rights because she fears defeat.

If love is missing, things go wrong. Man needs a loving counterpart, which his wife provides for him as her head. That is God’s will. Then there will be joy in the family. Then there will be peace on earth.

Man and woman have different tasks, which complement each other.


Monday, April 26, 2004

"Awareness gives you the Power to take control"

Throughout each day you are constantly talking to yourself. It's completely normal, we all do it. In fact we do it so much that if our self talk is negative our subconscious mind accepts it as truth and all that negative thinking becomes who we are.

When you scratch just below the surface of the areas in your life that are not working, you will find negative limiting beliefs. Take the time to identify precisely what those beliefs are, bring those beliefs to your conscious mind.

The awareness you gain may just be enough to stop those beliefs dead in their tracks.

From Meditations for Women